Our GRP division has expanded and kept pace with the region’s construction needs, today employing a technical workforce of more than 200 people. We are also the only company in the region which has been approved by Dubai Civil Defence to supply and install GRP cladding systems and façades.

Filament winding in progress at our GRP factory
A worker adds the finishing touches a GRP facade for a hotel project in Kuwait.


We manufacture a variety of GRP façades which are used as cladding for buildings. Our GRP façade systems are also lightweight, which helps reduce construction costs significantly.

Hot pressed panel tanks
Used for water storage, our hot-pressed panel tanks offer a variety of benefits including easy installation and no corrosion. Our lightweight and modular design also means there are no size constraints

Filament wound tanks
Our GRP filament wound tanks are ideal for storage of chemicals. They make excellent substitutes for steel tanks since they are cheaper, lighter, and do not require to be regularly lined with rubber. They are used mainly by oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. All kinds of chemicals can be stored in our tanks which are highly durable and not subject to quick corrosion.

Concrete casting molds
Our GRP molds make it easy to cast concrete into a variety of shapes and forms. Our molds are not only lightweight but offer design flexibility too. They also help increase productivity and cost-efficiency since they can be reused as required.

Custom molded items
We work with clients to create custom GRP designs that are fit for their purpose.

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